poetry in images
I consider my photographic creation as a poetic experience. Most of my work is inspired by the poetry of a famous Polish poet-Halina Poswiatowska. I find beauty in its simplicity, metaphorical message, and liberty of interpretation.
I search for the same values while depicting the meaning of her poems. I use myself as a subject. My preferred medium so far has been photography; although, I feel I would love to experiment with others (painting, art/text, collage) in the future.
My images encompass the motifs of love, solitude and death. Slow, silent and at times painful, these portraits being self-portraits whisper in silence, cry in loneliness or scream in suffering, always between love and death.
My objective to re-examine the eternal question of human existence is the one Poswiatowska probes in her poem:
“can anyone
entangle between love and death
an anecdote about being”
(English translation by M. Lugowski)