(July 30, 2016)
Downtown Dallas, TX

It was an evening filled with confused emotions. Everything happened so fast within a few hours. I just wanted to attend the Opening Reception of the exhibition entitled "Veiled Grace" featuring the work of Shayema Rahim and Lesli Robertson, two women who find beauty in unexpected materials. I was overwhelmed by textures and a brilliant combination of medias the artists used for their creations. Unfortunately, my life tends to offer me all kind of extreme feelings at once. As soon as I left the gallery, I found  unexpectedly a pigeon on the sidewalk nearby. It seemed it couldn't fly. I noticed that its back legs were paralyzed. It was very hot that evening. It's a long story which perhaps I'll tell you some day.
Anyway, this picture was taken at the Japanese restaurant nearby.  No, I didn't dine there. I was just passing by, and stopped for a little while to see how it would feel to be reflected at that moment. 
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