(March 4, 2016)
Gandevi, Gujarat, India
I came back from my trip. I travelled through three states of India: Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharasthra. My album │self-portraits à la Vivian Maier│ is going to explode, I'm afraid. ^.^
I experienced this country like very few tourists did. First week of my stay was discovering a regular Indian family life. I lived in a private apartment in Valsad, Gujarat and got a chance to do a few little trips with an Indian family, too.
I took this picture in a typical old house in a village called Gandevi. When I entered in, I got so excited that I forgot I had my camera on the arm and broke my new 50 mm lens as I threw everything on the floor and run to visit the house. I wanted to see every single room and there were, indeed, many rooms which were kindly presented to me by a maid. (Ah, she appeared special to my eyes. She was so kind unlocking all the rooms just for me to see. I took a few portraits of her.) The purpose of the visit in Gandevi was a familial gathering. I have never thought a simple visit in an Indian family could make me so emotional. I felt tears welling up in my eyes at every tiniest thought about them. I couldn't stop crying. Gosh! I simply couldn't and I wasn't even able to explain anyone why. 
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